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Literature - Theater - Performance - Culture

I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Germanic Studies at Indiana University. I studied German literature as well as theater, film and media studies at the University of Vienna (Austria). My research addresses several topics: theatre and performance theory, theatre history, theories of drama, dramaturgy, theatre and politics, transcultural theatre, globalization and performance, ecocriticism, theatre and migration, performance and the city, ruins, landscape theory, aesthetics of disruption, theatre and visual arts, cultural analysis, gender and queer theory.  Most recently, I was a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan (funded by the Austrian Science Fund). Before, I held a position at the University of Vienna (Research Platform Elfriede Jelinek), where I taught in the Department for Theater, Film and Media Studies as well as the German Studies Department.


My first book Drama als Störung. Elfriede Jelineks Konzept des Sekundärdramas [Drama as Disruption: Elfriede Jelinek's Concept of the Secondary Drama] (2016) focuses on different theoretical approaches to the principle of disruption and deals with the critical and political dimension of this concept as it is employed by Jelinek. In addition, I'm co-editor of Postdramatic Theatre and Transcultural Theatre (2018), Elfriede Jelineks Burgtheater – Eine Herausforderung (2018), SCHREIBEN ALS WIDERSTAND – Elfriede Jelinek & Herta Müller (2017), "Postdramatik" – Reflexion und Revision (2015), Der Gesamtkünstler. Christoph Schlingensief (2011), and "Die endlose Unschuldigkeit:" Elfriede Jelineks Rechnitz (Der Würgeengel) (2010). My current book project focuses on contemporary theatre and performances that evolve around decay and destruction.


On this website you will find my CV as well as information about my books, articles, and talks. Moreover, you will find the dialogues, interviews and roundtables in which I have participated and the conferences, seminars, and panels I have organized. There is additional information about the courses I have taught and about my own theater projects. Last but not least, you will find some reports about my work as well as some related links.

Teresa Kovacs

Assistant Professor, Indiana University, Department of Germanic Studies