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Drama als Störung. Elfriede Jelineks Konzept des Sekundärdramas. Bielefeld: transcript 2016.

 [Drama as Disruption. Elfriede Jelineks Concept of the Secondary Drama]

The book starts from the principle of disruption to describe the resistant, political potential of Elfriede Jelinek's self-introduced "genre" of "secondary drama." The plays "Abraumhalde" ["Mining Dump"] (2009) and "FaustIn and out" (2011), which Jelinek refers to as "secondary dramas," may only be staged together with those texts to which they refer: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's "Nathan the Wise" and Johann Wolfgang Goethe's "Urfaust." Involving perturbation theories of various disciplines, the work focusses on Michel Serres' "The Parasite" and its developed communication model, which leaves the positions of "host", "guest" and "disturber" basically open and therefore ambiguous. This makes it possible not to unilaterally understand Jelinek's texts as a disruption of the dramatical texts, but also to read Lessing's and Goethe's dramas from this position. The work is interested in the relationship of drama and "secondary drama" on the textual level and in the moment of staging. It asks to what extent they modify, question, but also enrich each other. The drama is discussed as a historical form that participates in patriarchal structures of power and violence. The books discusses on this basis the critical potential of  the "secondary drama," which consciously deviates from conventional dramaturgy. It focuses on the intertwining of the literary canon and the excluded, as well as on historical and contemporary textual and theatrical practices.  The book shows how through the combination of drama and "secondary drama" in the moment of the staging fractures are opened that give space to the "other" and make alternative forms of perception possible.



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